Saturday, June 23, 2007

Revolt in the Animal Kingdom

This an amazing video... a must-watch!!

The nearest imagery from the human world that came to my mind when I watched it, were some of the scenes from Eisenstein's films like October, Battleship Potemkin, Strike, etc...

Saturday, June 16, 2007

still remember these verses

Another of those verses that I still remember, but can't recall the poet (if you know, would be grateful for the info):

रे चिरंतन!
ठहर कुछ क्षण,
शिथिल कर यह
मर्म बन्धन।

जानता अभिसार का चिर मिलन पथ मुझको बुलाता,
कौन गाता... कौन गाता...

trying "transliteration"

one learns...

only recently, I came across a term "transliteration"... googled, and found that blogger provides a "transliteration tool"... which allows me to make blog-posting in Hindi devanagari lipi

it is a trial... just keying in some of the many verses of the old days (not mine... and have forgotten who wrote these), which I still remember after 35-40 years (I grew up with/through them):

गीत गाता हूँ किसी दिन बाँध चंचल काल का पल
चेतना अपनी बना दूंगा स्वरों की एक हलचल
मौन का जब बाँध टूटेगा, घड़ी होगी प्रलय की
क्या नहीं इस मौन मे हलचल छिपी मेरे हृदय की?...

if this works out, then there is more to come...

Update: It works!!.. यह काम करता है!!