Monday, May 04, 2009

learning from Amma!

Till few years back, my mom – Amma - used to visit us, and stay with us…

I have an immense of admiration for this gutsy lady - my Mom! - ... she still keeps on writing for the magazines – keeps herself alive and active…. Which is really a remarkable feat if you are around 85yrs!!

Last time - about 5-6yrs back -, she visited us… and in one of the conversations she said: “this world is changing too fast for me…”

It was like an era slipping through her fingers…At that time - about 5-6yrs – back, this didn’t make sense to me

Though, now, some times, it does!.... “ya! Maybe one needs to keep pace to keep up with the technology” –I tell myself

And, I do try to decide if it is really worth it!!

I mean…. it may be more realistic to accept that “you were there once!”

And you did what you could!... that’s it!!