Monday, February 28, 2011

...ये भी एक सत्य था!

This I found was written sometime in mid-73

उस पहले दिन की सुबह,
जब मैंने खिड़की से झाँका
तो ओस की एक बूँद
कली की उनींदी पलकों पर
मोती सी चमकी थी

...और सूर्य की उसी किरण के बाणों से
भस्म हो कर
आकाश में बिखर गयी...

...कली खिली और फूल बन गयी
और दिन भर हवा में झूल कर
आकाश में झाँका था
कि शायद वो साथी
जिसने भोर की पहली किरण के साथ
माथा चूम कर उठाया था..
.. कहीं छुप कर क्रीडा कर रहा होगा!

जीवन का प्रथम सत्य!!
...उस दिन की संध्या को
जब मैंने खिड़की से झाँका
तो कली मुरझा चुकी थी....

...ये भी एक सत्य था!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

...the 16-yr+ kid who used to write in my personal diaries

I keep (re-)discovering this 16yr-kid, who used to write verses in my personal diary then... day hopefully, I will meet him in my own "Zima Junction" - and will be able to look into his eyes without the feeling of having betrayed him....

आगे अनंत तक उसका पथ था बिछा हुआ,
उस पथ पर बढ़ता जाता था राही प्रतिपल,
वह राही था जिसकी मंजिल थी कहीं नहीं,
वह बिना ध्येय के उड़ता आवारा बादल |

उस राहगीर की राहें थी उसका साथी,
उन राहों के संग अब तक चलता आया था,
बस यूँ ही बढता जाता था वो बिना लक्ष्य,
अब तक न किसी मंजिल ने उसको पाया था |

उसको थी चाह नहीं मंजिल के मिलने की,
उसने तो प्रेम किया था अपनी राहों को,
कितनी ही मंज़िल पा कर के ठुकराईं थीं,
कितनी ही बार छुड़ाया लिपटी बाँहों को|

उसने तो प्रेम किया था अपनी राहों से,
ये राहों जो मंज़िल पर जा कर मिट जातीं,
था जिनसे प्रेम किया, क्या उन्हें मिटा सकता,
राहों से बिछड़ गया होता 'गर मंज़िल आती|

- April 30, '71 (Lucknow)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My "musical" progeny...

I remember a conversation/comment, some years back, while walking back from the office to home in the campus. I had stopped to say 'hello' to some better-halves of my faculty colleagues. The topic of discussion was about "good parenting" - how to bring-up kids!

One of my colleague's mother, who was also there, made a statement (which was bourne out of the wisdom of a having been there, and having seen lives lived): "अरे, यह सब अपने आप बड़े हो जाते हैं!" (Oh, they all grow up by themselves)

Her comment also clicked with what Geeta had written in one of her diaries:

"...I think the sun facilitates growth, the rain facilitates growth; they facilitate growth by just being there, by being what they are. The sun does not rise - and the clouds do not rain - so that the plants will grow, but their being there is invaluable to the growth… In the final analysis, the question is about the process of human learning, specially learning for personal growth... Conditioning, trial and error, imitation, rote, social facilitation and structuring - the bylanes all lead to Rome."

So, now I remember, and appreciate, these droplets of wisdom, as I share these 3 "cover" songs recorded by Bitti aka Manasi Saxena - our progeny (btw, I also learned in last one month that the "cover" means songs which are someone else's songs sung by other singers)...

[I am allowed to share only these 3 "covers" - the other 9 original compositions by Manasi and Shruthi will remain invisible till something 'copyright' gets resolved... though in this digital age, I fail to fathom what that would mean...
In the meanwhile she and Shruthi Vijayaraghavan, with such a lovely melting voice - daughter of one of my colleagues (TASV, some would know) - found each other and started singing together...and there were others - Navtej, Raman, Deepan who joined in]

Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley (Cover): Lead: Shruthi - Backup: Manasi

Falling Slowly -- Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova (Cover): Lead: Shruthi - Backup: Manasi

Vanity - Yuki Kajiura (Cover): Lead: Manasi - Backup: Shurthi


So how did she "grow-up by herself" to make these?

Some images I recall:

  • Geeta used to play guitar - Hawaiian, not Spanish - so we had a guitar at home - we got it changed to Spanish
  • she - Geeta - had a booklet which had notations/strings (or whatever is needed to play guitar) which was with us when she left for another world
  • I recall images of Bitti on phone and internet - with the booklet and guitar in hand... talking to people, I don’t know, and learned to play guitar...

    Well... my learning:
    ...they all grow up - as we all did - by themselves without/inspite of "us" parent :0)
  • Thursday, February 17, 2011

    आज फिर अहसास होता... बहकते, खोते हुए, भटके समय का...

    आज फिर अहसास होता
    बहकते, खोते हुए, भटके समय का...

    ...जो निरंतर, बह रहा, अंजान बन कर
    खोजता है सार जो, हर श्वास की
    अविराम लय का...

    झील पर कोहरे सरीखा
    सिमटता अहसास अपने में छुपाये,
    आंसुयों की लेखनी से, उमड़ता,
    इतिहास स्वप्नों की प्रलय का...

    यह अनुभूति जो उपहास बन,
    अभिशाप बन कर,
    चेतना की नीव को झिंझोध्हती है...

    ...एक सिहरन बन धरा पर ला पटकती...
    अजनबी परिवेश में,
    मेरे मुखौटों को हटाती
    जो चुरा लेती
    संजोये क्षणों से मासूमियत को,
    बनाती कृतिम मुझको...

    ... और
    सांस लेता व्यंग
    बनता स्वयं का...

    - 28/04/83 - Nainital
    (I was 27-28yrs old then... still struggling to find a congruence between the personal and the public, the being and the becoming, the outer and the inner, life lived and life unfolding...
    ...not that much has changed since then...)