Friday, July 02, 2004

The Clash of Paradigms

It is fascinating, if one compares the variety of struggles taking place around the contemporary world - and find that underlying these the template is the same.

In many ways, the current conflict between the "good" vs "evil" is a struggle between two paradigms, which is not just limited to the so-called "War on Terrorism" by the country which believe in, and stand by, the "Rule of Law".

Compare also, for instance:

  • The conflict between the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) vs. the P2P networks for downloading music
  • The elitist World Economic Forum and the networked World Socil Forum
  • The Coalition with its centralised command-and-control sturucture vs. the "Al-Queda" which is actually a network
  • The two models of software development (The Cathedral & and Baazar) seen in Windows vs Linux
  • MNCs vs Industrial Clusters
  • Monetary Systems based around a Central bank vs. Complementary Currencies (e.g. Ithaca Hours, Lets, Times Dollars, etc.)
  • Centralised Datawarehouses vs. Distributed Intelligence

etc. etc.

The two paradigms are the Centralised vs the Network - and interestingly one finds them confronting each other in a variety of domains simultaneously...


Zareen said...

This is such a WONDERFUL piece of writing, because it relies on nothing more than the truth it is reporting.
I've spent the past year doing a 'multi-disciplinary' course that seeks to illuminate the common threads in our environmental, economic, social and legal crises. And not once - ANYWHERE - have I heard it as simply and profoundly as you just put it : 'The Centralized vs. the Network.' Once you understand it that way, it is so easy to suddenly 'see'. Great stuff.
If I may - I think you'd be interested in Fritjof Capra's 'The Hidden Connections'. I strongly strongly recomend it.

Madhukar said...

yes, I have read Capra - his other books as well...

on another note - ef your blogpost, even the "Lord of the Rings" descibes the war between "centralised onesize-fits-all" Mordor and the Network of hobbits, elves, humans, etc.. :0)

Maya said...

got to know your blog through a friend ...

fascinated ... had read the book on open source systems 'the spider and starfish' by Ori brafman ...

... and it is what works finally - the networks against a central, hierarchical entity ...

long live networks !