Monday, May 04, 2009

learning from Amma!

Till few years back, my mom – Amma - used to visit us, and stay with us…

I have an immense of admiration for this gutsy lady - my Mom! - ... she still keeps on writing for the magazines – keeps herself alive and active…. Which is really a remarkable feat if you are around 85yrs!!

Last time - about 5-6yrs back -, she visited us… and in one of the conversations she said: “this world is changing too fast for me…”

It was like an era slipping through her fingers…At that time - about 5-6yrs – back, this didn’t make sense to me

Though, now, some times, it does!.... “ya! Maybe one needs to keep pace to keep up with the technology” –I tell myself

And, I do try to decide if it is really worth it!!

I mean…. it may be more realistic to accept that “you were there once!”

And you did what you could!... that’s it!!


lovelorn_at_40 said...

you left out all the interesting bits about your mom:-) but i can understand, it is very difficult for us to assess our parents in quite that manner. Some things about them, yes we remember, but they are in the end, our parents, those we take for granted, and not different beings in their own right..

I understood your mom's sad bewilderment. It struck me much earlier in life:-)

Thank you, sir, short piece, full of a certain wry acceptance, and leaves one wanting to know more..

The Theme said...

@thanks lovelorn

I guess, perhaps, we all have to come to terms with this passing era...
yes, agree with you -we take them for-granted... and sometime -if we are lucky -realise that, too!

Yash said...

I wonder how difficult it is to accept the fact?!?!