Saturday, September 26, 2009

on being "Blessed" today...

I have known this Grand Ole' Man of XL - the Merlin, Gendalf, Dumbledore, or whatever archetype one would prefer to assign to him - since 1990-91 when I had freshly joined XL - many others have known him since the '50s... and I was always awed by the way he could reach out to people, could remember his students by names and personal details... even after 40 years!!

Over the years, I have psychologically "adopted" him as a person you look upto, admire/ try-to-be-like-OK!hopefully!! (like, I am sure, many others), and "take care of" as much as you can... difficult to explain - but that is how it is/ has been!!

I knew that he has not been keeping well - was in Jamshedpur (from Bhubneshwar) for treatment/recuperation...

Today, I met him in the Admn Block - he had hobbled over (he has an an artharitic knee) from the Tome's Residence....

"Ah, I was looking for you!" he said.

"How are you, Fr - I heard you are not keeping well?"

"old age! kya karoon!... I have problem in breathing now... but just came to tell you, I have seen your mails - have seen what the students are doing to make life better for others - it is worth their efforts - they must go ahead... Just keep up the good work going!"

... and before I could thank him for his blessings, he turned and hobbled out from the corridor...

This will be a moment which will remain in my memory... when you just get 'blessed'

(and yes!... we will, as much as we can "keep the good work going")

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Gold Biscuit said...

Fr. McGrath was probably the first prof I met at XL and he had a profound effect on me. In addition to his elephantine memory the one quality that touched me was that he was so non-judgmental. One could be oneself and feel accepted.

In one of the first "BMS" exercises he made us do, there was a One minute speech on various topics and he had something good to say about ALL the speeches and the people. Amazing!