Friday, July 13, 2012 has been happening last many years... has been happening last many years,
once again
tomorrow morning
I will wake up
...and pack my bags, in a voiceless silence
and lock the door...
...which (so I tend to believe/imagine) will say 'good bye, have a safe journey!'
to me...

.. from the taxi, which is the first-leg of another journey
I look back at my balcony
... and will see the shadows of many voices/ smiles/ waving hands of yesteryears...

..till - I return some days later,
and turn the key in the lock of the door again -
turning the key clock-wise, when I left
and turning it anticlock-wise when I returned
... there is a symbolism there for me...

..and the door - mute, voiceless - will open, once again
giving me a feeling that I am welcome back home again! has been happening last many years...

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