Saturday, October 26, 2013

...for these handful of dreams

When you told me
without knowing
there is no home!
…not for me.

I looked at you
trying to read your eyes....
They were sincere
and frank…

I was not surprised.

I had this feeling

Home is a myth
created by the frightened cavemen…
it is the ideology of
of the lost traveller…
that it is the dream
of a crippled child….

And I had also known…
…that a part of me
is frightened, crippled and lost…

I need a home more than you…
I can also afford not to need it

let us, my dream,
face together
this dreamless world…

...even if,
to face it
I have to crush my dreams…

it is for these handful of dreams
I want to defy the world.

- Sept 29th, 1976 (Lucknow/ Kanpur)

1 comment:

santee joe said...

"Sapna ..sapna hi hota hai .
'Gar toot na jaata to usko
Koi kaise Kehta sapna ?

Hur sach aur jhooth ke beech kahin.....
Basta hai har 'adbhut' sapna.... Wo tera ho ya mera ho
Sapna to akhir hai sapna !! "

Hai na ??

( Conceived & written this very moment....inspired by your poem , Chunnu ).