Sunday, May 02, 2010

...too much wine, too much song...

A very old and dear friend of mine - of more than 3 decades vintage - recently posted a message on FB "...added Singing to her interests."...

And I wanted to write back that through all these years, I recalled her only from this Terry Jacks song - of that golden era of our lives... "Seasons in the Sun" which she used to sing then (FB unfortunately does not allow such msgs):

Seasons in Sun (Terry Jacks, 1974)

...and then I realised, that so many of my friendships - most of them lasting a lifetime (feel guilty to admit that it was their lifetime... for having outlived so many of them... and miss them in my life-space) were built around songs, music and poetry that we shared... the one with one of my "soul mates" (my sister, guardian and ward - at different points in time in our lives... When she left, I lost a segment of my life which we used to share since 1962)

Ishrat-e-Katraa (Ghalib) by Shumona Roy Biswas

..and then today, I suddenly chanced upon a treasure - Zamfir - on YouTube... I got introduced to Zamfir during mid '80s by another of those co-travellers (now no more with me - bless her wherever she is now)... We used to freak-out on "Einsamer Hirte/The Lonely Shephard"

Gheorghe Zamfir - Einsamer Hirte/The Lonely Shephard

...and the immortal "She" (not many would relate her to Rider Haggard... we, a part of a generation, grew on that legacy)

Gheorghe Zamfir - She

Well, well... lives go on (specs and sparks as they/we are in the benign indifference of the universe) - and as Ghalib wrote (and Shumona di' gave her voice to the verses:

इशरत-ए-कतरा है दरिया में फना हो जाना...

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Ajju said...

This thought calls for a poem :-) Very poignant, transitory yet permanent..