Sunday, September 26, 2010

Indian Business History.. or so I think/found as it happened

some 5-6yrs back, I had started this quest to find the roots of "Indian Business History"
.. could never complete it, since life took another direction, and I realised that

  • "business" may or may not be about "management" (still researching why all "management" schools started calling themselves "business" schools:)

  • as an HR professional, there is 93% Human Resource outside the corporate/business boundaries (which contributes to 60% of GDP... whichever way it is calculated), and so there are more professional "HR" skills required to make them more productive..

    ...and so, my plan to convert this 2-session presentation into an elective, went for a toss. I still do it for our induction program, though
    ... but also know that I will never go beyond this... so thought that it may be a good idea to let it loose...

    Indian Business History - Madhukar Shukla, XLRI Jamshedpur
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    Santosh Sali said...

    Very interesting ,
    & worth investing time on this for further exploration....