Tuesday, March 01, 2011

आह! चंचल काल का पग...

In An Autobiographical Story.. of sorts, which was written more than a decade after these verses, the last of the floating voices/ pronouncements - my sanchit karmas - who announced the contours of the life-to-unfold was this:

…”And I am the end, the final aim that’ll dog each of your steps. I will contradict Life. But you’ll never be able to recognize me as separate from Life, for I’m Death. My shadow will be your shadow. I’ll fascinate you, and haunt you in the long hours of loneliness. You will live through decaying feelings and faces. But I’ll help you to live and grow, and will thrive on your own sense of mortality…”

I guess, the reason for having written these lines (or more accurately, for these lines to be written) were the verses which would come to me when I was growing up. This one was transcribed somewhere during October '71.

आह! चंचल काल का पग,
ह्रदय-गति पर नृत्य करता
थक रहा है|

तार श्वासों का निरंतर
मंद होता; मौन का स्वर
हंस रहा है||

...आज, आ ओ शून्य! होऊं लीन तुझमें,
गूंजता है आज तेरा गीत मुझमें!