Wednesday, May 04, 2011

...and yet, such is the magic of those yesterdays....

No! this was not me who wrote this!

from one of us trio (of the two who are still alive)... who grew up together, walking across the random roads of Lucknow - Mahanagar, Cantt, Hazaratganj - trying to fathom ourselves... and the meaning of our yet-to-be-lived lives...

we were still teenagers then...

"When I go into the library of my life,
And see rows and rows of yesterdays
Neatly arranged into shelves
yearwise - catalogued,

...oh! those volumes are all thumbs now
and there isn't a single experience
that I haven't relived each night,

and yet...
such if the magic of those yesterdays
that I always come out
A wiser man!

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