Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Life... as those "soap bubbles"

I remember,
my first colourful creations.

The Soap Bubbles...
...that floated on the air
-small, first
larger and larger then
... and then out in the winds
floating, gliding,
absorbing colours....
round, patchless, pure
subtly coloured,
flying on invisible wings..

they whithered,
and bursted in mid-air..
...or got pierced through by
the road below,
or the cemented walls
...or they vanished
from the sight,

And I
from my balcony -
my studio, my world -
watched them,
happy, satisfied....

Coming to think of it,
I haven't changed much
since then!...

- Sept 14th, 1973
(I was 18yrs old then...but 38yrs later, this still holds true! :0)

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